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Candid | Straighten your teeth in an average of 6 months

Get started with a free scan at a Candid Studio. 🤑 Cyber Week Sale: Get $600 off treatment when you pre-purchase aligners → Why Candid? Results Pricing Products Locations Articles. Log in. Am I a candidate? More. CLEAR ALIGNERS REALIGNED. Meet the future of teeth straightening. Introducing clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by an orthodontist. Skip the office visits, keep the …


Photo & Impression Guide: How To Complete Your Starter Kit …

Got your Candid starter kit? Good. Now it’s time to take your photos and impressions — and we’re here to help. The whole process should take about 40 minutes…

Candid | How does Candid work?

Get your teeth scanned at a Candid Studio, we’ll send your clear aligners, and then your orthodontist will track your progress using remote monitoring.


Candid | Candid Starter Kit

The Candid Starter Kit is your first step to straighter teeth. Why Candid? Results Pricing Products Locations Articles. Log in. Am I a candidate? More. Candid Starter Kit Take the first step towards straighter teeth. PRICE. $95. 1550 Reviews. Get started. Full refund if you’re not a candidate No office visits required No commitment to buy aligners Support available 7 days a week, 9am-7pm EST …


Candid: Clear Aligners That Straighten Teeth At Home – Candid

Get clear braces without in-office visits for 65% less than a traditional orthodontist. Get started with an at-home starter kit today.


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Candid Color Systems. We don’t just take orders… we help photographers make more money in their photo businesses.

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Candid Reviews 2020: Now Straight Teeth are More Accessible

Because Candid Co. assists you along your journey (in-office or with its great dental monitoring service) to a great smile and also keeps up with your progress, the results seem to be mostly positive (check out Candid reviews online!). If the results are not where you want them to be, Candid will help you get there. That may include more impressions, photos, and aligners. However, you need to …

Candid Review: Does It Really Work?

How do I set up my Portal?

Place your Portal on a stable flat surface, like a tabletop or counter. Do not place your Portal near sinks, showers, pools or other areas where it might get wet. Do not place your Portal near sources of heat, such as stoves, ovens, or radiators. Do not place Portal where it may be tipped over easily. Plug your Portal in with the included power cord.


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