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Part 6 of my first time playing portal, recorded about 2 hours after the releaseMASSIVE SPOILER ALERT: This is the FULL game, nothing has been cut out. If yo…

Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6 – port forward

Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6 Make your way through the ruined area with some help from your portal gun. Pull the lever to get into the vault area. Once in, put portals in the two lever rooms so you can pull both of them in the time limit.


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Portal 2 walkthrough HD – chapter 6: The Fall Chell and GLaDOS fall down into Aperture Science’s old test areas from the 1950s, back when Aperture Laboratori…

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This post is part of the series: Portal 2 Walkthrough – Part 2 – Chapters 6-9 Out of the Wreckage After the fall stops, get up and walk through the pipes. Use a few portals to get around the wreckage, just like before, and start looking for the way out.


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Portal 2 Chapter 6 Guide Walk to the finish of the catwalk, then fall down to the region below. Proceed forwardand appear for some steel to the perfect that goes over to another system.Stroll along that steel to obtain there.Move to the much corner of this area andturn close to.


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For Schrodinger’s Catch, start Chapter 6: The Fall, play through the level until you reach the 1958 28 room. In this room a cube is trapped in a glass box, while Blue Gel streams out of a pipe in…


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Yet another walkthrough for Portal 2, but this is THE BEST! =) (The Fall – Chapter 6) You are here: selmiak’s website Games PC Portal 2 Chapter 6: The Fall more games. Content 1: The Courtesy Call 2: The Cold Boot 3: The Return 4: The Surprise 5: The Escape 6: The Fall 7: The Reunion 8: The Itch 9: The Part Where He Kills You 10: Wheatley Portal 2 mainpage. Portal 2 . Chapter 6: The Fall …


Chapter 6: Beyond the Seal – Portal 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Beyond the Seal Go forward and open the next door. In front of you is a bunch of toxic sludge. Turn left and go along the walkway.


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Welcome to our video walkthrough for Portal 2. Here you’ll find a ton of video with commentary for Portal 2 — Achievement /Trophy vids are in the