Portal 2 Singing Turrets

Portal 2 – Singing Turret Choir (Easter Egg) – YouTube

Well, all the credits go to a friend of mine (http://steamcommunity.com/id/llboom let him become as famous as Rebecca Black). He just mentioned that there’s …

Turret Opera – Portal Wiki

The Turret Opera is an event in the single-player campaign of Portal 2 in which a group of Sentry Turrets form a unique melody via the movement sounds of their weaponry casings.


Portal 2 Turret Opera – YouTube

I just finished Portal 2 today – wonderful game – and I loved the Turret opera at the end almost more than the end credit song. I can’t find the OST and do n…

Portal 2 – Ending and MORE SINGING TURRETS!!

The Portal 2 ending. Which is awesome, by the way. Oh and singing turrets did I mention turrets a whole symphony of turrets.