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Yes, there is an offline splitscreen co-op mode in the PC version of Portal 2. To play it, all you need is a couple controllers, go Play Co-op game and press X (SQUARE on PS3 controller) on the second controller.


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Hi I am new to Steam as well as PC gaming. I noticed that Portal 2 can be played Co-Op. How does that work on a PC? I have one controller I guess I need another or will 2nd person use the keyboard or is this online Co=op play? Sorry if this is noob question 🙂


Portal 2: Co-Op – Full Game Walkthrough – YouTube

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Can I play Portal 2 co-op locally? Is it tricky to set up? Does it take some kind of hack? Can I use two (wireless) 360 controllers? Or one controller and one m/k? Just want to make sure it will work before I get the game. Want to be able to play with my wife. Bonus question: Is there a way to play the original Portal with a 360 controller? Thanks! 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% …

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Co-Optimus – Portal 2 (PC) Co-Op Information

The Co-Op Experience Portal 2 will have a co-op campaign. Players take control of a robot and work through puzzles that require two players to work together to solve.


How to Play Portal 2 Split Screen Coop on PC

How to play portal 2 split screen coop on PC. Follow this guide to configure your second controller with source engine and play co op on PC split screen using dev console.


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Controller assignment & Portal 2 local co-op I’m most of the time happy with the combination of a Steam controller and a PS4 DS4 controller. But some games won’t work, for example if they are getting confused with which controller is Controller 1 or 2.