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A versatile, leak proof and weathertight solution to routing pipes through the roof. The Pipe Portal System is designed to allow for both vertical and horizontal pipe movement, yet provide maintenance free permanent installation, which accommodates pipe sizes of.375″ up to 12″.


Pipe Portals | KEES

Pipe portals provide a factory-supplied rooftop entrance flashing system for piping.


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RPS Pipe Portal® Flashing Systems are a versatile, leakproof, and weathertight solution to routing pipes through a roof. The RPS Pipe Portal® System is designed to allow for both vertical and horizontal pipe movement, yet provide a maintenance-free permanent installation which accommodates round pipe sizes of 3/8″ up to 12″.


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De naam Pipe-Portal is kort en krachtig, gemakkelijk te onthouden. Het gaat echter niet alleen om de geschiedenis van de pijp, maar evengoed over snuiftabak, sigaren, sigaretten, tabaksreclame en zelfs opium. Kortom, de complete historische en actuele cultuur en alle accessoires rondom het tabaksgebruik en het roken.


Pipe Portal Systems | Big Rock Supply

Pipe Portal with C-212 Cap Furnish and install the Portals Plus Pipe Portal System at all points where up to two pipes .375″ – 1″ in diameter and two pipes 1″ – 2″ in diameter penetrate the roof. The Pipe Portal shall include an 18 gauge galvanized roof curb model RC-___A with integral base plate, continuously welded corner seams, factory-installed wood nailer, and 1.5″ 3lb. rigid fiberglass …



Pipe Portal Flashing Systems The Pipe Portal System is designed to allow for both vertical and horizontal pipe movement, yet provide a mainte- nance-free permanent installation which accommodates pipe sizes of 3/ 8″ up to 12″.


5-Hole Pipe Portal Flashing System | PortalsPlus

Each 5-Hole Pipe Portal® fashing system can be requested to include an RPS premanufactured roof curb of style as shown on drawings or as specifed for roof curbs, single or double Pipe Portal® flashing system cover with sealing ribs on each port for a weather tight seal and precut port holes for faster installation, and five molded EPDM rubber cap (s) with stainless steel clamp (s).


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