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Note: The 'no-captive-portal' action remains unchanged. When the initial traffic is https, Captive Portal will not be presented because of encryption. For HTTPS traffic to have Captive Portal launched, enable decryption. For more details reference the following link How to Implement and Test SSL Decryption . Attachments . How to Configure Captive Portal.pdf; Other users also viewed: Your query …

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Based on their sensitivity, the applications that users access through Captive Portal require different authentication methods and settings. To accommodate all authentication requirements, you can use default and custom authentication enforcement objects. Each object associates an Authentication rule with an authentication profile and a Captive Portal authentication method. Default …

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Users can log in through a browser-based captive portal login page or OS-based captive portal assistant using identifiers such as a name and email address. With this configuration, you can limit the amount of time for which users can log in to the captive portal. If a user logs in successfully and the internet becomes reachable, the GlobalProtect app automatically establishes a connection. If …

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In this article, we will configure the Captive Portal in Palo alto Next-Generation Firewall. Captive Portal is a type of web form with Username and Password field. Captive Portal granted the border access upon successful authentication. Palo Alto support redirect and transport mode of Captive Portal.

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This document describes checks and commands to troubleshoot Captive Portal on a Palo Alto Networks firewall. Details Make sure that captive portal . How to Troubleshoot Captive Portal. 26906. Created On 09/25/18 20:39 PM – Last Updated 07/17/19 22:30 PM . User-ID …

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Go to Network > Interface Mgmt > Profile Name. The interface profile is configured under Network > Interface Name > Advanced > Network Management Profile. Verify Captive Portal policy is configured to trigger on the correct services.This triggers Captive Portal for both http and https connections:

FORW Type Session with Destination Zone captive-portal

Characteristics of the Forward session type: Used internally to deliver traffic Transient only Always have a destination zone "captive-portal" N FORW Type Session with Destination Zone captive-portal – Knowledge Base – Palo Alto Networks

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The following is an example script where one page is displayed for the network and another page for the network. <html> <b

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