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Phone (Medical School Direct Line) E-mail (Medical School) Course Structure (Traditional / Integrated / PBL / CBL) Applications pa: Accepted pa: Success Ratio: Graduate Entry Available (Y/N) Foundation / Access Courses Available (Y/N) Intercalated BSc (Compulsory/ Selective/ None) GCSE Subjects Required: A-Level Subjects Required: A-Level …

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The Guide to Choosing a Medical School – The Medic Portal

The Guide to Choosing a Medical School – The Medic Portal Choosing a Medical School This section guides you through each stage of choosing a medical school – and also includes a Medical School Comparison Tool! There are 33 Medical Schools in the UK – but you’re only able to apply to four.

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Most Medical Schools are still confirming details – but you can familiarise yourself with the most common formats by practising with our MMI course or Interview course. You’ll get feedback from our tutors and plenty of tips to come across well on-screen. School-by-School Interview Details. We’ve reviewed each Medical School to bring you the latest information about their interviews for …

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Free Webinar Series: Medical School Interviews. We’re running a series of free webinars for Medical School interviews. Each webinar covers a different interview topic, and includes a Q&A session where you can pick the brains of our top Medicine Tutors. Register for each webinar below. You can sign up for as many as you like! Jump to Section. Work Experience – Dec 2nd, 2020; Empathy – Dec 9th …

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The most popular Medicine Interview prep. We help thousands of students and top schools around the world prepare for Medicine interviews.

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The Medic Portal (TMP) is a comprehensive resource for aspiring medics, and those that advise them. TMP is founded by doctors and is officially partnered with the Royal Society and Medicine. It teaches thousands of students across hundreds of schools, and engages with 300,000 users online. The Medic Portal – Services

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Medical School Rankings UK: A Guide to Medical Schools

How do Medical School Rankings work? There are a number of different Medical School rankings available, which means it can be hard to work out which university is the best for Medicine or compare Med Schools.. The Complete University Guide’s Medical School rankings are very comprehensive, and take into account a number of different sources to calculate an overall ranking.

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You can do this on your own, with a teacher, or with a fellow medical school applicant who could give you their perspective and share ideas. Try to compare the outcomes given by different frameworks and consider the implications of this. Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest health news – and see how these ethical frameworks apply to what’s currently in the news. Discussing Ethics …

Medical Ethics

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Medical School Interview Prep. We help thousands of students and top schools around the world prepare for Medicine interviews. Here’s how we can help you. Interview Courses. Our one-day interview course tackles MMI, traditional and Oxbridge interviews. MMI Circuits. Created by doctors and education experts, our MMI Circuit recreates a real MMI experience. Book now! The Medic Portal is happy to …

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