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Navigate the SEVP Portal | Study in the States

Go to the SEVP Portal log in page and click the “Reset Password” link that is located under the email and password fields. The portal will prompt the student to enter their email address and SEVIS ID. The portal will send the student a password reset email. This email contains a unique link the student can use to change their password.


SEVP Portal Overview | Study in the States

The SEVP Portal does not eliminate the need for a student to communicate with their DSO. Users. F-1 students participating in post-completion OPT (including those on a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) extension) and M-1 students participating in practical training are the only users of the SEVP Portal. Allowing students to report address, telephone and employer …


Create an SEVP Portal Account | Study in the States

After the student clicks “Create Account” the portal will open the login page and display a success message. This signifies that the student has successfully created an SEVP Portal account and may now: Log in and out of the portal. Access portal pages. Manage the account. Once a student gains access to the SEVP Portal, they can: Edit profile.


SEVIS and the SEVP Portal | Study in the States

Students can use the SEVP Portal to report these changes, or they can ask a designated school official (DSO) report it for them. DSOs cannot limit a student’s access to the portal. You can require students to use the portal. Students can change their contact and employment information up to 15 days after the end date of their optional practical training (OPT). While DSOs cannot access the …


SEVP Portal Help | Study in the States

The SEVP Portal is an important tool that lets F-1 students on post-completion optional practical training (OPT) and M-1 students participating in practical training meet their legal reporting requirements. Use the resources below to learn how to get started with the SEVP Portal and maintain information in the portal. Watch the SEVP Portal Help Videos . View the SEVP Portal Help videos for …