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The password reset is available in their login. 2. The process is already mentioned in User Manual in landing page. 3. You may also send mail to 2. The process is already mentioned in User Manual in landing page.

Banglar Siksha

SUPPORT CONTACT NUMBER – +91 6289352676 , MAIL ID – contactschoolma[email protected] TIMING MON to FRI – 11 am to 5 pm

Login to the Banglar shiksha sms portal (for School) for …

Open 👉Sms-portal Login 👉 School login Setup Default Password on Banglar Shiksha sms portal Click👉3line manu The navigation menu will open. Click👉Staff Look at 👉 Teacher list (at new window) Look at👉set Default Password Click👉 🔁 ; symbol ; at Teacher row. The teacher’s login password will be created as default. Immediately this text will appear above- Password reset …

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Training Login For DI Primary : 191103 Password: Di@#123. Training Login For DI Secondary : 191104 Password: Di@#123. Training Login For Primary School : 1911430040132 ,1911130800432 , 1911110950132 , 1911120530332 Password: School@#123. Training Login For SI : 19111709 , 19111109 , 19111209 Password: Circle@#123


Login Message from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal … It has envisaged and developed a one of its kind digital portal – Banglar Shiksha to act as a repository of all data related to School Education. This platform, developed by a hand-picked team of experts, aims to streamline all education related processes and data management modules into a single digital symbiotic ecosystem …


This portal is best viewed in FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 (with Compatibility view mode off/disabled). The screen resolution desired is 1024×768 or above The screen resolution desired is 1024×768 or above

[ login] Banglar Shiksha Sms …

Firstly you need to visit banglar shiksha sms portal school login which is https // sms. After that, you need to select login path i.e teacher login, school login, staff login and student login. after that you need to enter your user name and password Then enter captcha code

[ login] Banglar Shiksha Sms Portal School login

Student login to Banglar Shiksha sms portal

ENTER Banglarshiksha sms portalStep-1 School login to Banglar Shiksha portal. 👉Please select Role- First click on the check box, select the School “option” from the pop-up window. 👉username- Type the number 32 after the school’s UDise code. E.g.  111111111111132 👉Password-Type the word “password”.

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In this tutorial you will see how to transfer out students and transfer in students in banglar shiksha portal.